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Powered by nothing but sunlight, this solar sauna is a completely sustainable wellness experience, good for you, and great for the planet, too!

Come and try the perfect sustainable experience in the Swiss Alps! Book the first solar sauna at the ecologic & family-run Heuberge Mountain Resort.

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Stay at Heuberge at 2000 meters altitude

Enjoy the rustic, cozy atmosphere

Explore the beautiful moutain scape. See Map.


The Experience

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How it all started...

We were looking for solution to make local tourism more sustainable and awesome. Late January 2020 the Lytefire team was invited to Heuberge and we started our collaboration. And within a month we had the first solar sauna built. Watch here how it all started.

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Zero Emissions - Powered by Lytefire Tech

Lytefire Sauna is powered by Lytefire technology, a cost-efficient solar concentrator that uses mirrors to concentrate sunlight to reach high temperatures. The light goes through a window and hits the sauna-rocks. Lytefire is powerful, silent and completely sustainable - that’s why we thought it is be the ideal way to power a sauna.


The Sauna reaches regular sauna temperatures between 60 - 100°C. The temperature can be regulated both with the amount of steam produced and amount of sunlight focused.

Energy Storage

Prototype 1 and 2 have limited thermal storage of about 1 hour past sunset. Our goal is to optimize thermal storage to be able to allow saunaing 6 hours past sunset.


Snow and wind do not harm Lytefire Sauna. Lytefire Technology has survived many storms, but the mirrors can optionally be detached and safely stored. Lytefire is adapted to many climates.

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Sponsor the Wellness of the Future

It’s time to make well-being fully sustainable. A deep connection with nature is a powerful tool for climate change because it enables people to experience coherence while relaxing. It also support local development and creates sustainable future solutions for more local stability in the beautiful mountains. Join us and ask more about our sponsorship!

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The Lytefire Sauna:

- ecolocial well-being
- totoally locally built
- supports nature preservation
- provides unique experience



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Lytefire Sauna
First Swiss Press

Monday 13 April 2020

"World’s first solar thermal sauna in use" - Prättigauer Herrschäftler (print)

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The Spirit

The Solar Fire / GoSol team that has created the Lytefire products and the Heuberge owners are joining forces to start a new Swiss-Finnish activity with this solar sauna.

We connected immediately not just because both our companies have Finnish roots. The sauna is one of the pillars of the Finnish culture and their connection to nature. Back in time, women were giving birth there and nowadays saunas are everywhere in Finland as a big part of a healthy lifestyle. Why not make them more sustainable for resorts like Heuberge or for your backyard?

The mojo is so good between our companies that within a month we went from an idea to a first prototype, then a second one, the MVP (minimum viable product). Are you in with us to spread the good spirit of the solar sauna?



Small Swiss ski resorts, such as the Heuberge, feel the climate change and winter seasons are becoming increasingly difficult without the possibility of artificial snow. It takes innovative minds and exciting offers to get visitors up the mountain while reducing emissions. The Lytefire sauna was created to address this need and offer a new possibility for a sustainable and self-sufficient stay in the beautiful Alps.

Worldwide, we are all confronted with the noticeable consequences of climate change. Globally, direct solar energy, such as the one that makes Lytefire technology cost-effective, has enormous potential. Just like the sauna at 2000 m above sea level, the same technology is currently used in sunnier countries such as Kenya, Brazil or the Philippines to provide small businesses with sources of income based on clean energy and circular economy.

As a practical example and with a positive solar sauna experience, the Lytefire Sauna enables people to regain hope that concrete solutions for climate policy can emerge within a very short time.

The project is a collaboration between Heuberge AG and Solar Fire Concentration Oy, a Finnish impact company with the goal of promoting direct solar energy globally.



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